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10 June 2014


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Love the shirt. You are looking good!


You look fucking amazing. Seriously!


You look amazing Shana! I could see it in the top pic. So glad that this is going well. Keep writing. We will keep reading:)


You look great! How are you losing the weight?


Awesome pics-everyone looks great. Please don't stop posting. I, for one, will miss your updates. Keep up the good fight!


Glad to see an update and you do look amazing. Very nice picture of you and Rich.


I am googling that shirt NOW!


Holy shit 53 pounds?!?!? Good job! Keep writing, I'll keep reading!


i always loved it when my kids were out of school. i did not love it when other people's kids were out of school...


Yup, saw the lovely first pic of you and your hubby and thought how great you are looking! Sorry you're losing some of it through stress etc. but you are looking good. And thanks for posting, love to see what you are all getting up too, and your daughters look to be having so much fun. (Now I sound like a mad fan-girl, don't mean to be creepy).


Ah, summer! Glad you're losing weight, as I steadily gain! (Seriously, congrats on 53 lbs - that's awesome. But dial back on the stress level...)

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