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10 April 2014


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Not everyone forgets. Even those of us who never knew him remember him today.


Oh Shana, I remember. I always will. Hunter always reminds me of Thalon being they were born the same year. Much love to you today and everyday your heart hurts.


I remember. Much love to you and your entire family. xx


I don't think we ever have the answers, particularly when it comes to heartbreak. I'm thinking of you and loving you and wishing this was not your sadness to endure. Xo

grace in chattanooga

Memory eternal... love to you all.


I came across your blog shortly after Thalon died. Your loss when my first daughter was also a small baby struck me so powerfully I will never forget. I haven't visited in a long time, but suddenly felt I must. I'm never any good with dates, but I guess the loss of your precious son must have stuck so deeply in my sleep deprived brain, it still remembers.

My girls are more precious, and I am better Mum (or at least I try) knowing how lucky I am to have them. I'm on another continent and I have never met you, but I will never forget the beautiful little boy who was so loved by his Mother.

I am thinking of you all. Robyn x


Like Robyn, I found your blog shortly after he passed and I have a son who is just a bit younger. I always think of Thalon around Easter and Christmas and I certainly won't forget him or you. Sending love to you all.


Thinking of you all and of Thalon...

And this is one good way to remember and adore, especially because this is a place where others remember too.


I still remember. xo

Karen V

I can't believe it has really been 5 years already...
You deal with this day however you need to. I know a few people who like to release balloons, but I know that's not enough for them and is really more of a tradition for their other children. Your girls are amazingly strong and I'm sure whatever you do will be the right thing for them and your family.
Just know there are people out here thinking of you and sending our best wishes your way.

Pat Johnson

I cannot believe it's been 5 years either. I remember like it was yesterday, and I am a complete stranger. Talk to him, talk about him, remember him, don't hide it. He is your real angel. My cyber hugs to you today.


Found your blog shortly after Thalon passed away and following ever since. Remembering Thalon, you and your family and never forgetting.


Hugs and love to you. I certainly will never forget Thalon. So proud of you and your family. You likely have helped more people than you know.


Thinking of you always, especially this time of year. I still remember Thalon. xoxo

the slackmistress

Remembering with you. xo


I have been thinking of you often lately. Hugs to you.


I will never forget and I will always be mad at the universe for this. Much love to all. xo


I will never forget and I will always be mad at the universe for this. Much love to all. xo


Beautiful Thalon was here and he will never be forgotten. Thinking of you, friend.


Thinking of you. No one should have this sort of anniversary.

Yo Mama

This family never forgets, buts holds tightly and quietly through the whole holy week in hope that it will pass us by without a look in our direction. I hold tightly and quietly to the beloved remaining...quietly never forgetting.


Because I came across your blog only 4 years ago and because we have never met I feel awkward commenting on Thalon's sad anniversary. I just want you to know that I admire your ability to get up every morning and be a mother, wife, blogger and human being.

Heather Ann

I'm sorry. I remember this week. Your family and Heather's. He was beautiful and he should not be gone.


I couldn't have said the specific date, but I absolutely remember that Easter is the season of hell for you. Sorry Shana. Thalon was a beautiful baby.

I hope it helps you to talk about him. Say his name.

I hope you come out the other side of Easter feeling alright.


My baby boy died on March 9, 2009. I also have 2 older girls who are now 9 and almost 8. I can upon your blog in my own grief. Our lives had a bit of similarities. How did I celebrate his 5 year? Good Lord, I cried. Some days it's as fresh as 5 years ago, other days it feels like a passing dream. I remember last September, when I told my girls he would be starting kindergarten if he was alive. They looked at me like I was crazy and said--he is mommy! In heaven. Sigh.

With you in everlasting grief

Lisa M

Five years. It seems longer somehow. I still read your blog, all these long years later, wondering in amazement of all you have survived as a woman, as a mother, and as a family. Peace and love to you. Lisa M


I'm sorry. I remember too. I wasn't certain of the date, but I knew it was coming up soon. I think you're awesome. However you want to deal w/ it is how you should deal with it. Only YOU were his mother, only YOU know the grief and pain. There's no right or wrong, there's no guide book.



What Ashley said right there above me is pretty much everything I wanted to say. Thalon is remembered and missed and loved! I was five when my baby sister died, hours after being born. I never got to see her or hold her, but I hold on to what I can from her short life... She would've been 35 this September. I still call Mom on her birthday, I still wonder how my life would've been different with her here. Remembered, missed, and loved! Hugs to you, Lady!


Hugs xoxo


Just keep speaking his name- he won't be forgotten.


I light a candle, I curse the family members who will not speak his name, I get angry with my husband, I remember, I cry. Nothing is right, but how could it be? Nothing has ever been quite right again.

Sarah Piazza

I remember. Thinking of you. BTW, my mother died five years ago on Apr. 29th.

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