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02 April 2014


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I cannot stand the "draws" still in the pants..all inside out of course..so you gotta stick your hand inside and touch that funky mess to right it..before you wash it fold it and start all over again. Sometimes it sends me into a little rage. Let me just say..my 7 year old isn't always the best wiper....that is all.


We just go with the convenient pile in the laundry room. Not enough space for baskets. Of course, we tell our daughter to put her clothes IN the washing machine, but dropping them on the floor in front of the machine seems to be as much as she's capable of.

Pam from Ohio

This always drove me crazy. I went through a period where I washed it just like it was received, and put it away like that. They didn't care! They would THEN turn it right side out, pull out the socks/underwear and put them back on. I couldn't take it, so I went back to doing it myself before the wash and then yelling at them about it. LOL...good days!


Those are the exact reasons why my boys do their own laundry (with supervision, of course). I gave them SEVERAL lectures and chances for doing it right and told them if they didn't do what I asked, then they were doing their own laundry. And especially with one pre-teen and one teen boy in the house....I'm not touching that funk! ;-)


Add hay falling out of the pants-cuffs, and we are living the same la vida laundry.


I bought three plastic laundry bins....one white, one pink and one blue. The laundry has to be put in the correct bin for the load it belongs in. If they put it in inside out, jumbled in their pants, etc., I leave it in a pile on the floor. It may take a couple of days, but then they start looking for clean clothes and don't find any. I simply remind them that if stuff was inside out, or balled up, it's still on the floor in the laundry room and won't be washed until it's right side out and straightened. It's amazing how quickly they CAN learn. My girls are 10 and 11...no excuses!!



Laundry is the biggest source of infuriated muttering for me. One refuses to put her clothes into the hamper, so the jumbled mess stays on the bathroom floor for the others to yell about until I get pissed and pick it up. Another one pretends that he doesn't know (after 4 years) that we hang our bath towels on a hook after we use them. Once I told my husband that having to stick my hands inside their disgusting socks was making me re-think my life choices. He acted like he had no clue what I meant!


I just do the whole wretched f-ing lot as late as possible, and usually sleep with a pile of it for a few days until I finally put it away. I suck athousekeeping.


Yuck, I feel your pain! Being 'blessed' with a bad back and living in the UK with small, front loading appliances I taught my kiddos how to untangle, sort and load clothes at a very early age. It was that or find me laying flat on the floor unable to bend far enough to get in the car to take them to Brownies and Cubs, so they were rather eager to comply. Seriously tho' get your girls to do laundry, then they'll understand:)

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