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05 November 2013


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I believe in that stuff. I hope so, too. Your grandfather sounds like the kind of guy we all need around while we're growing up... and the rest of our lives, too.


What a great post! Most likely I love this so very much because I too adored my maternal grandparents. My Grandpa was quite a character and I credit him for recognizing that I had a brain when I was still quite young and challenging me with questions and problems and his frequent jokes...I will miss him until the day I die. My grandma would just chuckle in the background or say "Now Willie..." if she thought he was going overboard. They had the greatest love affair for all their 68 years of marriage. I was lucky enough to be the first grandchild so had many years to enjoy those two special people. Thanks for the memories!


I SO believe in that stuff. Someday . .we will see clearly . . ..

Maybe that premonition of your granddad's was allowed by God to prepare you . .somehow . . .so the grief didn't kill you . . though you wanted it to . . .for your girls' sake.

I have to trust God - because if I didn't - my heart would explode as I watch my Dad, the kindest most loving man on earth, disapper . leaving behind an angry, frustrated hostile being . . damn Dementia. I have to trust that we will have time again . . .a grand time.

Yo Mama

I love your stream of consciousness. I hope Ricardo gets rid of the pests. I am not sure all the Anti-Virus programs can keep out the bugs.
Your Grandfather has been on my mind lately as well. He must be close by, watching over and singing in your ear. I can hear him singing "Scarlet Ribbons" in my ear. At the very least his DNA is singing in the girls. He was one of a kind, and I never doubted his love for all of us. He would have done anything for us. You words are a lovely tribute to him.

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